According to the teachings of Sri T.Krishnamacharya and Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, "Breath is Life". Breathing is our most fundamental and vital act and holds a divine essence; exhalation a movement towards God, and inhalation an inspiration from God. Our last action in life is to exhale, which, in essence is the final and total surrender to God.

- It is said that where there is no effort there is no benefit. Strength, stamina and sweat are unique aspects of this traditional Yoga, seemingly contrary to Western perceptions of Yoga. This demanding practice requires considerable effort and taps into and circulates a vital energy throughout the body, strengthening and purifying the nervous system. The mind then becomes lucid, clear and precise; and according to Sri. K.Pattabhi Jois "Wherever you look you will see God." Only through practice will we realize the truth of what our guru often says-

"Everything is God"

PLEASE NOTE: Please note the importance of learning the Astanga method only from a traditionally trained teacher. Only a qualified teacher can provide the necessary guidence to assure safe, steady progress without injury to body or mind!

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